14 Ways to Save Money on Gas

As the cost of gas remains high, many Americans are looking for ways to reduce this significant expense. If you are among those, know that you do not necessarily need to buy a new, more efficient car to save money on gas. Here are 14 simple strategies to help you save money on gas:

  1. Pay with Cash: Many gas stations offer a discounted cash-only price, which could result in savings of 5 to 10 cents per gallon and, in some cases, even more.
  2. Use a Gas Rewards Card: Certain credit cards offer cash back on gas purchases, which can save you a significant amount over time. However, remember to check the fine print to ensure that the rewards program benefits you.
  3. Join a Grocery Store Rewards Program: Some grocery chains offer gas discounts when you spend a certain amount at their store. The savings can increase, mainly if you shop regularly at the grocery store.
  4. Fill Up on the Cheapest Days of the Week: Monday and Sunday are the two cheapest days to fill up your gas tank. However, keep an eye on local trends, as these can change.
  5. Use a Gas App: Apps like GasBuddy can help you find the cheapest gas in your area without wasting time and gas driving around.
  6. Drive Patiently: Accelerating slowly, coasting more, and abiding by the speed limit are safer and more fuel-efficient driving habits.
  7. Minimize Idling Time: Unnecessary idling can consume up to a half-gallon of gas every hour. If you are waiting for someone, turning off your engine can help conserve fuel.
  8. Plan Out Your Routes: Planning your trips can help you save on gas. Consider carpooling, combining errands, or commuting by bike or public transportation when possible.
  9. Use Cruise Control Wisely: Cruise control can help you save gas on long, uninterrupted drives. However, it could be more effective in stop-and-go situations.
  10. Reduce AC Use: Air-conditioning can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 25%, particularly during short trips. Try to use your AC only while driving at highway speeds, and consider rolling down the windows when driving slower.
  11. Park in the Right Spot: Where your car parks can affect fuel efficiency. Parking in a garage can help keep your engine warm in cold weather. In hot weather, parking in the shade can keep your car cool and reduce the need for AC.
  12. Remove Excess Vehicle Weight: The heavier your vehicle, the more gas it consumes. Remove unnecessary items from your car to improve its fuel efficiency.
  13. Check Your Tires Routinely: Underinflated tires can negatively impact your gas mileage. Keep them properly inflated to save on gas.
  14. Maintain Your Engine Properly: An engine in good condition can significantly improve fuel efficiency. Regularly monitor your check-engine light and use the appropriate type of motor oil and fuel grade as suggested in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.


Remember, the best way to save money on gas is to find the cheapest gas, adopt efficient driving habits, and keep your vehicle in good condition. By implementing these strategies, you will see significant savings at the pump.

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